About Iaysha

Iaysha Salih is a private art consultant, curator and founder of Iaysha Art Advisory. Over 25 years, Iaysha has worked intuitively with a range of international private and corporate clients to both establish and expand their modern art collections. Focusing on post-war, modern and pop-art, she delves deeply into the heart of each buyer to transform their values and intentions into tangible, visual assets. By reconstructing the art of acquisition into an expansive experience, Iaysha’s clients are given an invaluable opportunity to face every new purchase as an extension of themselves.

During her onset as director and owner of Bluemoon Gallery, showcased and exhibited works by Dan Miller, Polly Morgan and Sir Peter Blake along with blue-chip contemporary artists Banksy and Damien Hirst.  Iaysha specialises in sourcing rare pieces in the secondary market by the likes of Litchenstein, Hockney and most notably Andy Warhol. She engages closely in the placement of woks by a number of YBA’s including Chris Ofili, Matt Collishaw, and Rachel Howard.

Authenticity, integrity and self-realisation lie at the core of Iaysha’s consulting process. As a reputable and trusted individual within the British arts community, her clients enjoy unparalleled access to some of the industry’s most distinguished network of professionals.

Having an instinctive ability to locate pieces that resonate with your vision, her expert knowledge of space, light and colour enable her to understand your needs. Using her unique ability to capture the essence of any given character, Iaysha consciously guides each client in the art of nurturing their tastes and bringing seemingly unattainable ideals into a reality – notwithstanding the diversity of taste or budget.

In addition to advising, Iaysha has undertaken a number of curatorial projects. Not limited to but including the former Michelin star restaurant Thackeray’s, The Spa Hotel, and offices within the SAGA Insurance Group.