Transported by art: how buying art can take you on a truly personal journey

Art is a powerful force. Accepting its beauty with no intellectual understanding can be challenging but it allows us to simply feel and explore our own emotions on a deeper level. This makes the process of buying art completely personal. Logic is not always at the fore, but learning to appreciate, love and feel these creations should be at the forefront of any purchase.

This connection often resonates on a hidden, deeper level. A beautiful landscape might represent a place we possibly would like to escape to. An abstract piece might allow you to lose yourself without trying to work it out. A cow cut in half could be inspiring to a person who is exploring their relationship with death.

How an art consultant helps
An art consultant will connect with your desires and passions to guide you through the infinite choices of the art world to find the piece that you connect with. As a consultant my job is not to tell the client what they should be buying, but to guide them on their personal journey. People are often confused by the choice or unsure where to look. If that sounds familiar, I can help make the journey easier for you by finding the right piece of art to adorn your walls that will inspire you, or allow you to lose yourself or just make your heart sing.